Ever feel like you're falling off your mojo?

Have you ever been on a roll? You are hitting every daily goal with your exercising and your eating. To then, out of no where, be struck by life and complete fall off your mojo?

That's been me the past six weeks. I started a new job as a trainer (classroom training) a few months ago. I just completed a six week training project. And what can I say.. WOW! I completely feel like I've lost my mojo. What's different this time is... falling off my mojo with all the information that I know. It's like I totally know better, but I'm not doing better. I've been sort of doing worse! I just need to keep it real. LOL 

I was going to the gym every morning. I would get up at 3AM ( yes, I know, that's early) go to the gym from about 3:30-4:20. Eat clean, no meat (maybe once a weekend), no refined sugars. I went from doing all that to not going to the gym, eating meat basically every day, and sadly add soda to the party. Soda literally became my "glass of beer/wine" after a long day of training. yesterday was the first day that I can say that I did not have meat, I fasted in the morning. I didn't get up to go to the gym, but I ate clean. So I decided to hop on here and blog about my experience.

Adding the Holidays did not help. I actually sat there and just used it as an excuse to eat even more! Well I'm not going to lie, I always use the Holidays as an excuse to eat. But that feels better when I'm active in the gym. :)

I know I fell off my mojo.....

And you know what.. It's OK!!! 


We all have LIFE happen. What we need to do is remind ourselves that we are not starting from square one! This is what I remind myself whenever I feel like I let myself down for letting my mojo fall. 

So my goal is to start bring it back. I was listening to a great youtube with Tony Robins talking about food and the acidity of our bodies being the reason why we can be storing our body fat rather than losing it. It was interesting as well as inspiring to bring the clean eating mojo back. Now it's been two days of no meat and clean eating and no sodas.

"One discipline affects all disciplines." Jim Rohn

Let me tell you this is so true. The reason you got on your roll to begin with is because you had a series of healthy productive habits. When you are constantly thinking and acting from a series of healthy and productive habits, you can only end up with one result. Success!

"If you conquer your morning, you will conquer your day!" Tony Robbins

The one thing I had in common with yesterday and today was (1) I started my morning with positive videos, (2) I fasted in the morning (3) I ate clean. I also plan to get back to working out. If I don't go to the gym, I created my own home gym (which I will blog about another time!) to go too.

Why am I writing and sharing me falling off? Because I want you to know that it happens to everyone. Whether is losing weight and then gaining some, going to the gym and being active to sleeping in. From controlling your emotions to shouting in rage. From not smoking for weeks or months to having a bad week and smoking again. Whatever it is that you have falling off of, aka your mojo, you can bounce back up and get back to it.

Let me know what you think!