Hella cute Hats you must add to your Collection

For all of us who love fashion, there’s nothing worse than a boring outfit. Sometimes we get in a rut, and find ourselves repeatedly grabbing the same basic look, day after day. Other times we’re full of outfit ideas, but the necessary pieces are out of our budgets. Thankfully, we have hats which solve all of our outfit related dilemmas. Hats are the perfect accessory to spice up an ordinary outfit, plus we have so many different kinds to choose from. No matter the occasion, you can reach for a fedora, boater, or even wool hat to enhance your look.

Obviously, no outfit is complete without an accessory of some kind. But not all forms of accessories carry the same weight. Dainty earrings won’t demand as much attention as a scarf, and a scarf won’t appear as subtle as a bracelet. It’s due to this that hats are the way to go when dealing with a dull outfit. A hat cannot be missed. A pair of jeans and a white tee provide a completely fresh feeling when a hat is added into the mix. Plus, if budget constraints are your issue, hats are a cost-effective choice. Hats bring in dimension to an outfit- they cannot be missed. So, you’re certainly getting your money’s worth when a hat is added to your wardrobe. With that being said, it’s important to note the vast array of hats we have to choose from within the marketplace. From beanies to berets and bowlers to ball caps, there’s a hat out there suitable for every occasion and each of our tastes’. Let’s explore a few of our favorite hat styles and different ways to wear them.

  1. Fedoras. The fedora is an age-old classic. It’s been around for decades, if not centuries, and won’t be going away any time soon. They traditionally bear a wide brim, are indented on top, and often have a pinched effect near the top. It’s also quite common to see a fedora with a band, ribbon, scarf, or tie of some sort around the base of the hat. They can be made of nearly any material hats are created with- straw, wool, cotton and animal pelts are all common. Fedoras are fashionable, versatile, and can be worn by men and women both. Pair your fedora with jeans and a sweater, for a casual everyday look. If you’re headed to brunch, dress up your skirt, blouse, and sandals, with the fedora. This hat should be a staple accessory in your closet- fedoras work well for everyone.
  2. Boater. The boater is less common than the fedora, but equally as timeless. Boater hats, too, boast a wide brim, and are often accentuated with a ribbon or scarf of some kind. Where boaters differ from fedoras is in the shape of the crown- boaters are entirely circular, without any indents or pinching. They’re also usually more shallow at the crown than a fedora would be. Boater hats are made of straw more often than not, but occasionally the material is switched up. Boater hats also boast an array of names, including the English Panama hat and sennit hat, the latter of which refers to the type of straw the boater is likely made of. Though they were traditionally worn by men, boaters, too, are a unisex accessory. When wearing a boater, we love pairing it with a clean look, consisting of your other closet staples. A pair of black trousers with a white blouse never fails when complemented by a boater. An all-white outfit consisting of a skirt and top are made chic with a boater as the finishing element. Everyone needs a boater- they’re unique enough to not be basic and worn by everyone, but versatile enough to get ample wear.
  3. Floppy Wool Wide Rims. This hat is the youngest of the hats we’ve discussed, but that just means it’s fresh and on trend. Don’t worry- floppy wool wide rim hats will be sticking around, too. These are typically worn by women and made of- you guessed it, wool. There is no standard color here- you’ll find them in black, tan, navy, brown, plum, and essentially any color you could ever want. Due to the wool material, floppy wool wide rim hats are most commonly worn in the colder months, but that’s really up to personal preference and comfort. This hat is the perfect choice to wear to brunch or another fun outing. Jeans, booties, and a sweater will always pair well with your floppy wool wide rim, as will a leather jacket and tee. Keep up with the trends by adding one of these floppy wool wide rim hats into your accessory rotation. 

As you can see, if you haven’t already been accessorizing with hats, it’s time to start. Hats are a fun, bold way to switch things up. The options are endless, and the versatility is incomparable. Hats will never go out of style altogether, so experiment with self-expression via hat wearing. You’re sure to look good, and if you were stuck on how to pair them or which hats to start with, now you know! We definitely love hats ourselves, and think a fedora, boater, and a floppy wool wide rim is the place to start.

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