Queen B Makeup's A few looks featuring Vero & Socially Flyy

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My friends came over the other day, you know them as @veroqbc & @sociallyflyy on twitter to get Vero's makeup done for a photoshoot featuring @flixbda1. Vero was having it done for her website http://www.queenbchronicles.com and upcoming events.

I decided to keep her eyes light since she was pairing it with her red lip. She's gorgeous and doesn't need much makeup & plus since she was wearing a red lip. I will have to get her products she used to post here later but she looked great! After I was done, Charlese wanted hers done too and I was more than willing! I loveeee to do makeup and it's always nice to have people come by and just enjoy the time.... when I do have time lol. I wish I could do this more but it's hard to do when your doing graphics as well. I was just happy to have them happy and really enjoy the pigment colors in the sunlight.

I thought I would share some of these looks I put together quickly with a few shots. I might do both these looks for upcoming youtube tutorials too. I really like how they came out. I do wish my camera picked up these colors a lot better but.. what ya gonna do? lol anyways, I used Wet & Wild palettes on both girls with a combination of Heavenly Naturals. I think these two work so well together and are my favorite to work with just like these girls! :D Check it out and let know what you think!

Vero's Look:
I used the Terra Cotta color from the Greed Palette to smooth out the brow bone. Single eyeshadow Brulee for her brow highlight. Combination of the Dark blues in the Pride palette on the lower lashline. I did a mixture of purples from the Sugar Plum Fairy palette & the dark blues again in her outer v. Middle lid is Heavenly Naturals in Etheral. Tear ducts is the lightest creme in the Golden Goddess palette. Top lid tear duct is Heavenly Naturals Color in Opal right over that light cream in the tear ducts only to bring out that purple iridescence. Motives Dark Brown pencil top liner. HIP eyeliner in Blue Spark in the waterline. Jordana pencil in Coffee Bean to fill in her brows a bit. Heavenly Naturals Blush in Blushing 14. For concealer I used my wonderful Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme to conceal under eye & balance skin tone. She doesn't use much liquid so I used a small dime sized drop of liquid Revlon Colorstay in True Beige with a MAC 187 for the photos & set with some of her Bare Escentuals Face Powder. Vero lipstick and liner were provided by her and I will fill in later!




Charlese's Look:
I used a mixture of Wet & Wild and HN again. I used the Terra Cotta color from the Greed Palette to smooth out the brow bone. I took the white from the Sugar Plum Fairy palette for her brow highlight. Heavenly Naturals in Opal on her brow bone over that Greed terra cotta color & blended over that crease and also in the tear ducts. Urban Decay 24/7 Zero liner in her waterline and blended out on her lower lashline. I used the silver from the Night Elf palette on her middle lid. To darken her crease & outer V I used the dark Grey from the Lust palette. In her crease to bring up the purple I took the purple from the Sugar Plum Fairy palette & also a tad of the sparkly dark burgundy. Heavenly Naturals Blush in Blushing 10. For concealer I used my wonderful Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme to conceal under eye & balance skin tone. Lips just a tad of Graftobian Hi-Def LipColor super palette #88292 Nude.



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